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Danish Liberal Democracy Programme

Partnership with National Restoration Party in Zambia

DLDP has cooperated with NAREP since January 2013. The objective of DLPD and NAREP's project is to help NAREP develop into a well established and functional party with a strong presence at national and local levels.

In July 2014, DLDP received funding from DIDP to continue and develop our project in Zambia for another three years. 

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Partnership objectives
DLDP's partnership with NAREP focuses on capacity building and infrasctucture of the party and on women's participation in politics.

The objective of the continued partnership with NAREP is to develop a sustainable, inclusive and accountable party organisation offering relevant and value-based solutions to the challenges facing Zambian society. 

DLDP and NAREP focus on the following three objectives:

  • Develop clear policy positions on relevant challenges facing Zambia and make them well known to members and the public

  • Build a strong organisation with well-functioning internal communications  and democracy

  • Promote involvement of women and young people in championing democracy 

DLDP and NAREP will work on the three points simultaneously with some initial focus on capacity building of the organisational structures. 

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