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Danish Liberal Democracy Programme

Partnership with CDM-Kenya

DLDP has partnered with CMD-Kenya since 2011 with the purpose of strengthening the democratic development in Kenya. The overall objective of the partnership is to enhance the institutional capacity of political parties in Kenya in the areas of communications and the development of young people.

In July 2014, DLDP received funding from DIPD to continue our project in Kenya for another three years. 

Kenya_CMD-Kenya and DLDP teams meeting Nairobi.jpgThe DLDP-team and CMD-Kenya in Kenya

The main focus of our project is on communications and young people's participation. In addition to these areas, we also support parties in Kenya in their work with policy development.

CMD-Kenya currently hosts the unique dialogue platform of political parties in the country. Improved communications skills and awareness will allow political parties to enhance the quality of their discussions even at this level at which issues of national importance will become more relevant than parochial discussions and interests.

The focus in the communications component of DLDP's project with CMD-Kenya revolves around the following areas:

  • Enhancing internal and external communications of political parties in Kenya across party cadres and the electorates and to ensure a continued reference to party manifestos in between elections.

  • Improving multiparty democratic practices where parties espouse their various agendas, ideologies and policies as opposed to ethnic and personality driven politics and mobilization.

  • Enhancing the capacity of political parties in Kenya through sustained meaningful participation of young people in between elections while articulating their youth agenda.

  • Improving multiparty dialogue and cooperation

Youth participation
The development of young people component focuses on:

  • Enhancing the institutional capacity of political parties in Kenya through an increased participation of young people below 35 years of age.

  • Strenthening the capacity of elected young people at a nationwide level to remain faithful to and promoting their party manifestos.

  • Support young politicians to ensure the implementation of youth aspirations as captured in the youth charter

  • Strengthen youth wings into focused formidable units to provide a platform for articulating youth aspirations in mainstream politics.

DLDP also investigates the opportunities to establish a party-to-party partnership.

Acievements so far
The project has been successful in enhancing the institutional capacity of political parties in Kenya through an increased participation in political parties of young people below the age of 35.

Also, the project has contributed to the the development of innovative communications strategies for several parties in Kenya. 

It has been encouraging to observe the positive response of the political parties to DLDP activities and support during the project period of time.

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