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Would you like to enhance our important work in Zambia and Kenya and gain important experience from a developing country? Volunteering with DLDP is a great opportunity of getting hands on experience with policy development and development work in our partner countries. 

Billede Til VolunteerIn 2014, DLDP resource person, Mr. Jens-Kristian Lütken, participated in NAREP and DLDP's workshop Training of Trainers that focused on policy development and communications.

We are frequently looking for resource persons who are interested in party politics and development aid, and who wish to contribute to capacity building, communications, policy development or your specific area of competences.

The resource persons work on a voluntary basis. However, all expenses directly related to the work, will be covered by DLDP. 

For more information please contact Bent Nicolajsen at info@dldp.org